Crab Information

King Crab Leg Sizing

King Crab leg sizes are determined by the number of legs that make up 10 pounds. For instance, our Jumbo 12-14 legs means that 10 pounds would have between 12 and 14 legs (plus claws). Each size of crab comes in a variety of weight increments, so a little math is necessary (see the table below). Claws are included in each package of legs, but both the number and size differ with each package. There are both large and small claws, because the crab uses a giant killing claw and a small feeder claw in nature.

Approximate Number of Legs per Weight Increment
Crab Size
3 Pound Bag
10 Pound Case
20 Pound Case
Colossal 6-9
Super Jumbo 9-12
Jumbo 14-17
Large 16-20
Small 20/up

Crab Varieties

Each type of crab comes with its own distinct flavor and texture profile.

King crab is sweet and succulent. Its moist flesh is snow white with flecks of red throughout. King crab meat is slightly more firm and coarse than dungeness. King crab is popular due to its large size as well as distinct flavor. King crab is available year-round in its frozen, cooked form, therefore only a gentle re-heat is required. Methods of cooking crab legs vary from person-to-person, so check recipes below to find your favorite (ours in baking or grilling).

Dungeness crab comes whole and is sweet, mild and slightly nutty. The body meat is tender, while the leg meat is slightly firmer. Our fresh and frozen dungeness come cooked, but uncleaned. Cleaning dungeness is a simple procedure that anyone can do.

Snow crab has a mild and delicate flavor, but supports a more fibrous texture compared to the other species. We offer the largest, Bairdi Snow Crab, frozen and cooked year-round. One of the staff’s favorite products is our bag of Snow Crab Cocktail Claws – a delicious way to get your crab without all the hassle!

Blue crab is the sweetest of all crab varieties with a milder flavor than king crab. They have a rich and buttery flavor, with claw meat having a nutty finish. When blue crabs molt, or loose their hard exterior, they are marketed as soft shell crab. Available Fresh Pasteurized year round in claw, lump and super lump options. We offer Maryland Blue crab meat around the winter holidays.

Soft shell crabs are eaten whole! They have the same delicious flavor as blue crabs, but have an added crunch due to the exterior. Soft shell crabs are commonly battered and fried. Available frozen year-round.

Stone crab are sold in claw portions only, as the species is able to regenerate their claws after they are harvested. Their flavor is sweet and succulent, often being described as a hybrid between blue crab and Maine lobster. Stone crab claws are typically served cold with a honey mustard sauce.

In the News

Even fresh crab comes cooked – immediately after harvest crabs start producing a harmful toxin. Therefore, crabs are processed, cooked and frozen right on the boat to preserve freshness and eliminate any toxins. When purchasing “Fresh” crab look carefully at signage for ‘previously frozen labels.’ At Seafoods of the World, our fresh products are ALWAYS fresh and NEVER frozen.

Cooking Tips

Since the majority of available crab is already cooked, heat is only necessary to warm-up your delicious crab. Some crab, especially stone crab, are traditionally served cold. If you choose to warm up crab legs, you do not need to thaw them! Just legs a quick rinse and heat as desired.

 Crab Recipes

Garlic Butter Baked Crab Legs

Simple Steamed Crab Legs

Oven Roasted Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab Risotto

Stone Crab Claws with Mustard Sauce

Soft Shell Crab with Green Onion Aioli