California Halibut

Don’t let the name fool you–this fish is NOT the same as the Alaskan Halibut we are all so fond of.

California Halibut is actually a large flounder found up and down the coast of California. The misnomer results from a similar appearance to flatfish relative Halibut, but the Baja counterpart max out at about 25 pounds (Alaskan Halibut average about 40).

Think “Big, meaty flounder or sole fillet” plus the mild-flavor and sweetness of Alaskan Halibut.


Need more convincing that they aren’t the same? It’s all in their name (scientific name to be exact).

Pacific Halibut (Alaskan Halibut): hippoglossus stenolepis.

Atlantic Halibut (VERY similar to Pacific): hippoglossus hippoglossus.

California Halibut: paralichthys californicus 

Flounder family–paralichthys…