Cod can refer to both Atlantic (Icelandic Cod) and Pacific (True or Pacific Cod) species. Overall, cod is a moist and mild fish, that works in numerous applications including frying, baking and sauteing. Cod is firm and flaky when cooked. The Atlantic version is sweeter and more firm than its Pacific counterpart. Fresh & Frozen available year-round.



Check out Black Cod (also known as Sablefish). Seasonal availability.

Also look at Ling Cod. Seasonal availability.


Cooking Tips

Use Atlantic and Pacific cod interchangeably, except in the case of breading/frying use Atlantic. Cod cooks quickly and benefits from a moist heat. Alternatives include Haddock and Pollock.

Cod Recipes

Pan Fried Cod in a Citrus and Basil Butter Sauce

(Email) Buttered Cod in a Skillet

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