Salmon Flavor

Cooking Tips

  • Atlantic salmon do best with light seasoning to accompany its delicate flavor. Most cooking methods work well.
  • King salmon can stand up to hearty-flavorings as well as mild.
  • Coho salmon’s high oil content makes it ideal for grilling or smoked.
  • Sockeye salmon do well with simple preparations in both seasoning and cooking. Lightly marinate sockeyes and grill until the fish flakes easily.
  • Most salmons can replace one-another in recipes. Rainbow trout or Arctic Char are also good substitutes.
  • Only farmed salmon can be sold and eaten as a sushi product. Wild salmon can contain parasites, which are killed with flash freezing or cooking to a temp of 145 degrees.

Salmon Recipes

Teriyaki Glazed Salmon 

Garlic Parmesan Crusted Salmon with Asparagus

Pesto Salmon and Veggies

 Honey Garlic Salmon

Crispy Asian Salmon

 Honey Glazed Salmon

Teriyaki Salmon Rice and Avocado Bowl