Scallops taste like the sea. They have a sweet and uniquely rich taste, as well as a firm texture. The term ‘Bay Scallop’ best describes smaller scallops that are less-rich than the larger ‘Sea Scallops.’ Available frozen year-round and typically available fresh year-round.


In the News

Two types of scallops are available on the market. One that is ‘wet’ or a process scallop that are soaked in a preservative to enlarge, whiten and extend shell life of scallops. The other type is a ‘dry’ scallop that is completely natural and free of additives. ALL scallops displayed in our retail market are dry, unprocessed scallops. We do offer some wet scallops, but these are clearly labeled as such.

Cooking Tips

 Scallops cook quickly and can be used in a variety of methods (bake, broil, fry, poach, saute, steam). Larger scallops are great candidates for grilling or light searing. Bacon-wrapping is a common cooking addition.

Scallop Recipes

Garlic Scallops

Seafood Linguine

(Email) Portuguese Scallops

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