• Cod

    • Loins


      Portion Sizes Available: 5oz, 8oz

      10 LB Case

      8oz Portions can be Purchased Individually.

    • Alaskan Fillets (By the Case)

      Portion Sizes Available: 2-4oz, 4-8oz, 16-32oz, +32oz

      15 LB Box, 45 LB Case

    • Alaskan Fillets (Individual)

      Alaskan Fillets (Individual)

      4-8oz Portions

      Vacuum Packed in Packages of Approximately 1 LB.

      Weights as Marked.

    • Cello

      Product of China

      5 LB Box, 50 LB Case

    • IQF Pieces

      10 LB Box, 30 LB Case