• Halibut

    • Individual Steaks (Loin Cut)

      Individual Steaks (Loin Cut)

      6oz Portions

    • Steaks (Loin Cut) 1 LB Package

      Steaks (Loin Cut) 1 LB Package

      4oz Portions

      Approximately 1 LB (4 Pieces)

    • Steaks (Loin Cut) By the Case

      Portion Sizes Available: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz

      10 LB Case

      All Sizes are Individually Vacuum Packed, Except the 4oz.

    • Skinless, Boneless Fillets

      8oz Portions

      10 LB Case

    • Steaks (Regular Cut)

      Portion Sizes Available: 4oz, 8oz

      10 LB Case

    • Cheeks


      Sizes Available: 2 LB, 5 LB, 10 LB

    • Chunks

      Skinless, Boneless

      Case Sizes: 15 LBS, 20 LBS

    • Frozen Bones

      Came in Fresh, Frozen by Seafoods of the World

      Weights as Marked.