• Unique Items

    • Lutefisk


      1.75 LB PKG
      Frozen year-round

      Fresh available NOV-JAN

    • Salt Cod

      Salt Cod

      In a wood box.

      1 LB Box

      12 LB Case

    • Conch Meat

      Conch Meat

      Approximately 1 LB Packages (Weights as Marked.)

    • Potstickers


      Chicken or Pork

      1.5 LB Bag

    • Rolled Sole

      Rolled Sole

      5 oz Portions, 4 Pieces per package

      Flavors: Scallop and Crab Meat Filled Sole, Shrimp and Garlic Filled Sole

    • Finnane Haddie (Smoked Haddock)

      Finnane Haddie (Smoked Haddock)

      Weights as Marked.

    • Mochi


      6 per box

      Flavors available: Vanilla, Green Tea, Mango, Strawberry

    • Escargot in the Shell

      Escargot in the Shell

      Seasoned with butter.

      Purchase by the dozen.

    • Southern Favorites

    • USA Crawfish Tail Meat

      USA Crawfish Tail Meat

      1 LB PKG

    • Frog Legs

      Frog Legs

      2 LB Bag

      5 LB Box

      Call to confirm availability.

    • Whole Cooked Crawfish

      Whole Cooked Crawfish


      5 LB Bag

      10 LB Case

    • Crawfish Tail Meat

      Crawfish Tail Meat

      Sizes Available: 80-100, 150-200

      1 LB Bag

      24 LB Case

    • Alligator Tail Meat

      Alligator Tail Meat

      1 LB Bag

      12 LB Case

    • Common Bait

    • Ocean Round Smelt

      Ocean Round Smelt

      Sizes Available: 4-7 Inches, 6-9 Inches

      5 LB Bag

    • BAIT Herring

      BAIT Herring

      Green: 6-7 Inches (10 per package)