Shrimp Guide

Shrimp Sizing

The numbers attached to the shrimp description are called the “count,” which represents the number of individual shrimp that make up one pound. For instance, “16-20” means there are between 16 and 20 shrimp in one pound. Most of our shrimp comes in two pound bags, so there would be 36 to 40 shrimp in a two pound bag.

If a single number is accompanied by a U, there are “under” that many shrimp in one pound. I.e. U15 shrimp have under 15 shrimp per pound.

Finally, as the numbers decrease, the size of the shrimp increase. Our 350-500 shrimp are tiny salad shrimp and the 2-4 shrimp are our jumbos. Large shrimp are often referred to as Prawns.

Shrimp Processing

Shrimp processing affects how the consumer is best able to prepare, cook, and serve shrimp. See the terminology below to determine what best fits your needs.

Head-on Head, shell, and tailfins on
Headless/Shell-onOnly the head has been removed, leaving the shell and tailfins attached
Tail-onHeadless, peeled & deveined shrimp in which the tail has not been removed. Can be cooked or uncooked.
Tail-off Headless, peeled & deveined shrimp in which the tail has been removed. Can be cooked or uncooked
P&DPeeled & deveined, tail off. All shell and tailfin have been removed, with segments shallowly slit to the last segment.
ButterfliedThe shell and digestive track have been removed and a deep cut has been made that “butterflies” the shrimp without splitting it in two pieces. Available breaded.
EZ PeelDeveined with the shell on. Maintains moisture and flavor when grilling shrimp.

Shrimp Species

Our premier Wild Mexican Shrimp are characterized by their robust shrimp flavor and firm texture. Upon cooking, Mexican shrimp retains its firm texture and remains uniform in size. We highly recommend these shrimp when you plan on eating shrimp with little seasoning (naked) or cold.

Black Tiger Shrimp  are harvested primarily in Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand). They support a medium flavor and firm texture, less than that of Mexican shrimp. Seasoning best supports Tiger Shrimp’s flavor.

If you are looking for a more mild flavor, White Shrimp have much to offer. We carry wild and farmed from Mexico, as well as farmed from Asia. White Shrimp are less firm than Mexican Browns and Black Tigers.

Freshwater Shrimp are extremely mild in taste and moderate in texture, due to their high water content. The best cooking methods are baking, broiling, and grilling. Our freshwater shrimp come in the EZ peel form, with shells on, which help retain moisture during grilling.

Cooking Tips

Shrimp should be cooked quickly-typically around five minutes. They are done when their tails curl and the meat is no longer translucent. Many methods can be used, including boiling and grilling.

Shrimp Recipes


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