Breaded and Battered Products

    • Breaded Fish

    • Pub Style Cod

      Pub Style Cod

      Aqua Star
      2.5LB Box
      2-3oz Portions

    • Pubhouse Halibut

      Pubhouse Halibut

      12 oz Box

    • Ultimate Fish Stick

      Ultimate Fish Stick

      15 oz Box

      Made from Pollock

    • Fish & Chips Kit

      Fish & Chips Kit

      12 oz Box

      Contains fish and potato wedges

    • Pubhouse Cod

      Pubhouse Cod

      12 oz Box

    • Breaded Shellfish

    • Calamari Rings

      Calamari Rings

      Aqua Star
      2.5LB Box

    • Clam Strips

      Clam Strips

      4oz Bags

    • Oysters


      2.5 LB Box

    • Scallops


      2.5LB Bag

    • Breaded Shrimp

    • Coconut--Oven Ready

      Coconut--Oven Ready

      23-27 count

      1.5 LB Bag

    • U12 Gourmet Shrimp

      U12 Gourmet Shrimp

      3LB Box

    • Panko Breaded

      Panko Breaded

      Aqua Star
      3LB Box
      Available Sizes: U15, 16/20, 21/25

    • Coconut


      Aqua Star
      2.5LB Box

    • Panko Popcorn

      Panko Popcorn

      Aqua Star
      3LB Box

    • Red Hook Ale Beer Battered Shrimp

      Red Hook Ale Beer Battered Shrimp

      2.5LB Bag

    • Panko--Oven Ready

      Panko--Oven Ready

      30-33 count

      1.5 LB Bag

    • Breaded Other

    • Stuffed Jalapenos

      Stuffed Jalapenos

      Cream Filled
      2LB Bag

    • Mozzarella Sticks

      Mozzarella Sticks

      3LB Bag

    • Mushrooms


      3LB Bag

    • Potstickers


      Chicken or Pork

      1.5 LB Bag