Scallop Products

Like shrimp, the number attached to each scallop product represents the approximate number of scallops per pound. For 10-20 Scallops, there would be between 10 and 20 scallops per 1 pound.

"Dry" means no preservatives have been added to the scallops. (the majority of scallops we carry are dry)
"Wet" means preservatives have been injected into the scallops--making them appear larger and have a longer shelf-life. (this also means they tend to shrink during cooking)
The term "Bay Scallop" has historically been used to describe scallops caught from the bay, as opposed to "Sea Scallops," caught from the depths of the sea.
Bay scallops tend to be smaller, so these days, "Bay Scallop" refers more to size than it does harvest location.
    • Scallops

    • USA Dry

      USA Dry

      1 LB Bag

      Size: 20-30

    • China Dry

      China Dry

      60-80 Count. IQF

      1 LB Bag


    • Canada Dry

      Canada Dry

      2.2 LB Bag

      10-20 Count


    • Bacon Wrapped

      Bacon Wrapped

      GREAT for Entertaining!

      Box  of 8

    • Freshly Frozen

      Freshly Frozen

      USA DRY

      U10 and 10-20 may be available

    • Scallops - Bulk Bags (5 LBS)

    • Canada Dry

      Sizes available: U12, 20-30 IQF, 20-30 BLOCK

    • Japan Dry


    • USA White Gold


    • China Dry


    • Processed


      Sizes Available: 10-20, 20-30, 30-40